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Since the formation of our Company, we developed a broad range of services to complement its design capabilities, ourscope of work includes but not limited to:

  • Site Survey. 
  • Architectural Design.
  • Interior Design.
  • Preparation of the Consultancy Contract.
  • Preparation of the Building License Documents.
  • Preparation of the Tender Documents including the General Conditions, Bill of Quantities and the Detailed Drawings. 
  • Nomination of Contractors.
  • Release of Tender Documents to invited Bidders to study the Tender.
  • Negotiations with Bidders (Contractors)
  • Analysis and Evaluation of the received Bids and submitting our advice to our Clients of the concluded recommendation.
  • Preparation of the Construction Contract.
  • Site Supervision.
  • Preparation of the Site Handing over Protocol and witnessing the Site Handing over to the Contractor.
  • Performing Periodical Site Visits.
  • Review of the Contractor's Shop Drawings, Samples and Mockups and advice our Clients of the concluded recommendation.
  • Review of the Contractor's Interim Payments and advice our Clients of the concluded recommendation.
  • Preparation of the Preliminary Acceptance Protocol / Certificate and review of the performed works.
  • Review and approval of the Contractor Final Invoice, Quantity Survey and As-built Documents.
  • Follow up during the Commissioning and Move-In Stage.
  • Follow up during the 1 year Guarantee Duration.
  • Preparation of the Final Acceptance Certificate and Final Review of the Performed Works.
  • Structural design through outsourcing.
  • MEP design and site supervision through outsourcing.
  • Working with edge technology energy simulation programs, including: Energy plus, DOE2, eQuest, EE4, ESP-r, and Ecotect.
  • Measurement and verification of buildings’ energy performance.
  • Comfort indoor air quality measurements and analysis.
  • Working with AGI32, one of the industry benchmark lighting design and analysis software.
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