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Consultant Arch. Khaled Al-Sesi
Co-Founder & General Manager   Public Buildings Design Consultant with twenty years of extensive experience in design, coordination,...More
Arch. Mohammad Taha
Co-Founder & Managing Director   Thirteen years of extensive experience in design, coordination for medium and major projects in the industrial,...More
Arch. Ahmad Al-Fakharany
With over 15 years of experience in architecture and real estate development, Ahmed Alfakharany brings a keen understanding of the design and development of urban planning, mixed-use,...More
Dr. Alaa Al-deen
Partner   Dr. Al-deen has a decade of experience in architecture and sustainable design with projects in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Following...More
Arch. Amr Mousa
Partner & Chief Designer
Arch. Ahmed Karim
Partner & Projects Manager   Ahemd is one of VA first team members. Ahmad graduated from Azhar University in 2007and has nine years of...More
ِArch. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Kady
Designer & Assistant Coordinator   Abd-Alrahman is one of VA first generation. Abd-Alrahman graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts,...More
Arch. Shehab EL-Deen Mahmoud
Designer & Assistant Coordinator   Shehab graduated from Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Engineering - Architcture Department 2007 He...More
Arch. Haytham Abbas
Designer   Haytham graduated from Tanta University Facutly of Engineering on 2010. He joined our team on 2011 and prticipated in the design ...More
Ayman Galal
Designer   Ayman graduated with Bachelore degree in Architecture on 2013. He joined Vision Architects on July 2015 He participated in...More
Rihab Salah Al-Din
Designer   Rihab graduated on 2013 from Cairo Unviversity - Faculty of Engineering - Architecture Department. She joined our team in August...More
Hesham Metwaly
Designer Hisham graduated in 2014 from Menoufia University - Faculty of Engineering - Department of Architecture. He joined Vision Architects on...More
Sarah Mahmoud
Designer Sara graduated on 2014 from October High Institute for Engineering,6th October (OHI) Environmental Architecture Department with V.Good...More
Reem Mansour
Assistant Designer Graduated in 2017 from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Architecture Department and joined Vision Architects Team on Jan, 1st ...More

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