Vision Family


  • Consultant Arch. Khaled Al-Sesi

    Consultant Arch. Khaled Al-Sesi

    Co-Founder & General Manager

    Public Buildings Design Consultant & Urban Harmony Expert with over 23 years of extensive experience in design, coordination, management, and client support for medium and major projects.

    Exceptional knowledge of the Egyptian market, business practice and extensive technical background.

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  • Arch. Ahmad Al-Fakharany

    Arch. Ahmad Al-Fakharany

    Co-Founder & Development Director

    Over 20 years of experience in architecture and real estate development. I came to a keen understanding of the design and development of urban planning, mixed-use, hospitality/resort and retail projects.

    With these factors, my experience, architectural background and sound commercial experience mixed with the project management talents, I led to specialty in real estate developments and the broader field of project management.

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  • Arch. Mohammad Taha

    Arch. Mohammad Taha

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Over 15 years of extensive experience in design, coordination for medium and major projects in the industrial, retailing, administrative, healthcare, and education sectors.

    Good knowledge of architectural design principles, patterns and practices. Monitoring the project budget.

    I’m Believing totally that the good end product for any project can be achieved with the utmost simplicity by constant coordination between all the project parties and working together as a team.

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    Partner - Energy analyst & LEED consultant

    I hold a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Design from University of Calgary, a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and a Masters of Engineering. I am also a LEED Accredited Professional since 2009. I have been practicing building energy analysis, internal CFD simulator, lighting design, and LEED consultation for more than ten years.

    Experience in all stages of design, resulting in energy efficient facilities that protect the environment and save money on the same time.

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  • Arch. Amr Mousa

    Arch. Amr Mousa

    Partner – Chief Designer

    Since I was a child, I used to draw building and my love for architecture started ever since. I have the ambition to change all that is bad around me using architecture.
    I believe that the most successful Architects are those who can feel the beauty around them Good imagination, sense of space, mas, proportions and colors are the elements of good design. I will use my imagination, sense of space, mass, proportions, colors and any elements of good design I can put my hands on to build beauty.

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  • Arch. Ahmad Karim

    Arch. Ahmad Karim

    Partner – Projects Manager

    I have earned over 13 years of extensive experience in engineering related areas and projects design, coordination, preparation of tender documents & drawings, as well as site supervision and management for financial institutions, administrative and residential projects.
    My dedication to my work has been my main aim to reach a certain level of perfection that gives us and our clients the level of satisfaction that we promised we will serve.

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  • Mohammad Al-Leithy

    Mohammad Al-Leithy

    Partner – B.D. Manager

    With 15 years work life dedicated to project management, Experience gained through handling different tasks like:  location acquisition, preconstruction, construction and the operation of branches and buildings: The experience was built through a number of local and international projects for distinguished banks and pharmaceutical firms.

    A Certified Master trainer who enjoyed the training experience in: (Time management, Project management and People skills).

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Team Members

  • Mostafa Abdeltwab

    Mostafa Abdeltwab

    Electrical Section Head

    The electrical installations & Light current systems associated to buildings and infrastructure. Energy Efficiency opportunities in Buildings. MEP activities coordination’s and general requirements.

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  • Rania Emad Eldin

    Rania Emad Eldin

    Architectural Senior Designer

    seven years’ experience in the interior and exterior design of residential, administrative and hotel buildings. I have experience in many architectural and graphic programs.


  • Haytham Abbas

    Haytham Abbas

    Architectural Designer

    11 years of extensive experience in design, coordination, preparation of the tender documents, site supervision and project management for banking projects, administrative building, government projects and residential projects.

  • Abdulrahman Alkady

    Abdulrahman Alkady

    Architectural Senior Designer & Assistant Coordinator

    Creative designer with strong back ground in project management, space planning and computer aided design. Proven success in leading multi-functional teams to achieve project goals and achieving a high-degree of client satisfaction. With more than twelve years of experience delivering exceptional visual designs and client-tailored services, seeking to take next career step with a respected design firm focused on creating living and working for customers who wants to improve the aesthetic quality of their lives.

  • Hesham Metwaly

    Hesham Metwaly

    Senior Designer

    More than 6 years’ work on all phases of development including Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration. Supervising the tender team and make sure that the team on track, studying new tender set of drawings and BOQ, developing tender complete package and presenting it, Follow-up on the construction progress to ensure adherence to project time plan.
    Ensure that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, guidelines and regulations. Make on site visits to check on project status and report on project The experience was built through a number of local projects for distinguished banks and Administrative building.

  • Ali Abdelraheem

    Ali Abdelraheem

    MEP Department Head

    Having gained 30 years of experience by working as Designing and Researches Manager and Project Technical Supervisor for MEP disciplines with an exceptional knowledge in HVAC field for medium and major projects.
    Participate in many of projects in many sectors such as but not limited to (medical, banking, administrative, educational, transportation, conference, industrial, touristic, data centres, and so many.

  • Mohamed Fares

    Architectural Designer
    Architect, studying masters in architecture, majoring in building information modelling (BIM). I have experience with many engineering programs and graphics. My start in vision added to me the experiences of design and dealing with the site, finishes and coordination between disciplines.
    I believe that no matter how much knowledge you gain, you must learn something new. I Participated in Many Administrative Projects, Banks, Residential And Hotel Buildings.
  • Shehab Eldin Mahmoud

    Shehab Eldin Mahmoud

    Architectural Senior Designer & Assistant Coordinator



  • khaled Mahfouz

    khaled Mahfouz

    Senior Electrical Engineer

    More than 8 years’ work experience gained through handling different tasks like: make design for more than 15 banks, head offices and malls in Egypt and KSA.

  • Sherif Khaled

    Sherif Khaled

    Architectural Designer

    I am architect interested in the field of interior and exterior design. I have experience in using engineering and architectural programs. I see great importance in modern technologies and science, but also not to lose sight of heritage and cultural conservation.
    I participated in many projects, such as but not limited to: Administrative Building, Banks, Entertainment and Residential Buildings.

  • Ayman Galal

    Ayman Galal

    Architectural Senior Designer & Assistant Coordinator

    Enough knowledge with engineering sectors such as but not limited (Design, Coordination, Time Management, Work Shop Drawing & Implementation).
    This experience was built from participating in some of the administration & commercial projects. It's good to Provide a great attention to details of all design works and find solutions for design and site issues.

  • Ahmed Shawky

    Ahmed Shawky

    Architectural Senior Designer & Assistant Coordinator

    More than 5 years’ work life dedicated to project execution, Experience gained through handling different tasks like: location acquisition, design, construction and the operation of branches and buildings.
    The experience was built through a number of local and international projects for distinguished banks and residential firms. Moreover, Professional Voice Over & Photographer.

  • Sarah Mahmoud

    Sarah Mahmoud

    Architectural Senior Designer & Assistant Coordinator

    Good working experience in the field of engineering consultancy and supervision of implementation, preparation of BOQs, time plans for project work stages and revising the closing out documents, that by working in various projects such as international banks, administrative, service and health buildings.

  • Aya Magdy

    Aya Magdy

    Architectural Senior Designer

    I had joined Vision Architects Team on Jan, 2018. I participated in some of the current projects such as Commercial & Retail Banking Projects.
    I believe that being an architect makes you responsible for making people feel the comfort in using the designed spaces.

  • Islam Mahmoud

    Islam Mahmoud

    Assistant Designer

    I Aim to achieve a higher degree and experience in the field of architectural and interior design I am a good user of design programs.
    I believe that architecture wakes up human feelings. Your task as an architect therefore is to make these feelings more accurate.

  • Ahmed Esmail

    Ahmed Esmail

    Architectural Senior Designer

    Senior Designer - Account manager / BIM architect, coordinating, managing, and implementing experience. To address the problems in the contemporary building industry, I enjoy working in diverse teams.

  • Muhammad Badawy

    Muhammad Badawy

    Mechanical Engineer

    More than four years of experience in the fields of design HVAC and fire fighting systems including tender works for many different projects as administration buildings, hospitals, banks and commercial buildings. Also experienced in supervision the implementation of HVAC & Fire Fighting works. Supervising duct, chilled water pipes, AC drainage pipes and Firefighting pipes tests.

  • Mostafa Afifi

    Mostafa Afifi

    Administration Manager
  • Nasser Abd Al-Fatah

    Nasser Abd Al-Fatah

    Admin Assistant